Competition Team Rules 

All students are invited to join a competition team - students will be evaluated for placement on teams.  Any student may decide to participate in a Solo, Duet, or Trio. 


1) You must take ballet with Generations of Dance as required in your team contract.  G.O.D teaches ballet specific to our competition routines.


2) If you commit to a team, you are required to attend 3 regional competitions and Nationals.   We may also offer an optional competition - which is up to each dancer.


3) All private lessons are to be paid for 1 month ahead of time.


4)  Once you have started a duet or trio, you are committed to that routine for the entire dance season.  

5) You must purchase a G.O.D competition t-shirt to wear on stage for awards.

6) There are many fundraising opportunities, such as Mums Sale, Candle Sale, Tricky Tray and Beefsteak, Paint night and Candle making nights and more.   All fundraising profits must be used in the dance season in which it was earned. Fundraising profits can not be used by any other family than who it was earned by.


7)  All costumes will be chosen and approved by the teacher only.


8) All solo, duet, or trio music will be edited by G.O.D only, with a fee of $10 per song.  

9) As of Oct 15th, all teams are finalized.  After that date, you are obligated to all tuition, costumes and entry fees associated with that team if you should drop for any reason.  

10) In the event that the studio can not attend a scheduled competition ( i.e weather, pandemic) the fees paid will be credited to  only those students who are actively enrolled in the current year's dance program.  Credits will be applied to the next scheduled competition(s) and must be used within 6 months from when the credit was issued. If for any reason your child stops dancing all credits will be forfeited. 

**** Please email us directly with any questions or concerns so we can resolve any matters privately within a 48 hour period.