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Celebrating 17 Years 

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We are a dance studio with heart - we love dance and your children.  At Generations of Dance, the mission of our studio and staff is to create a nurturing, exciting and challenging dance environment. Our students well-being is first and foremost.  We want every child to go home feeling like they are learning, growing and improving while they create life-long friendships!  Our curriculum has been developed to enhance each student's skills and abilities. Each student will be taught in a respectful atmosphere that will encourage and foster the art of dance.  We believe every student has the ability to do his or her best.  It is our job to bring out their best.   We value every student!!  We believe you are not just investing in dance training - we promote developing motor skills and coordination while building self-esteem and confidence.  Dance teaches teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline and socialization skills. Not only is it great exercise but dance helps children express themselves while teaching concentration skills, creativity and perseverance. And besides all of that----it's FUN too!!

We offer classes for your little ones all the way through adult, both recreational and competitive classes are available.  See our list of classes.  


In addition to our classes our student participate in many other activities and events including Community Outreach.  The studio offers a program called the Volunteer Involvement Program ("VIP") for dancers only, where dancers can be a part of a group to coordinate, particpate and contribute to several causes throughout the years and earn volunteer hours as well as be apart of the leadership committe of the program.  Additionally, our students have done performances in local Senior Communities as well as private events and carnivals and fairs.  Performing is open to any students who wish to participate. We also encourage our students to attend several workshops.  Some of our Community programs (which can be see in our gallery of pictures under Community Events) include, our Nutcracker for a Cause (all proceeds go to the Elle Foundation), Toy and Food Drive Preview Show to collect, wrap and distribute toys and gifts to those in need and hosting and performing at local shelter dinners,  They also participate in several other events and other food and clothing drives.  Our students and parents enjoy each others company and have fun spending time with each other even outside of the studio. We all cherish our Dance Family! We hold many studio gatherings throughout the year - some of which include:  our Fall Festival, Spring Slumber Party, Halloween and Holiday gatherings, Parents Nights, Year End Parties, Fundraising Events just to name a few.

Get and inside look at all of the fun our dancers have together with pictures of their activities, events, shows,  and community events - select the box below to discover more...

Our studio offers competitive dancing to all students.   There are many ages and levels of our competition teams which provides a range of opportunity to the beginning competitor to the advanced competitor.  Our team dancers enjoy the all the advantages that being team members bring.  Along with competing they are involved in many community outreach programs, events and benefits.   The studio has had much success with its competition teams and have received many awards over the years - most recently winning the 2022 Excellence in Choreograhpy Award at the Worlds Championships with the National Dance Alliance, the 2022 Starbound Technique Award and 2022 Groove Studio of Excellence Award.  Additionally in past years the 2021 Starbound National Grand Championship and the 2021 Groove Studio of Excellence Award, 2021 Dance Educator of the Year Awarded to our very own Miss Beth, 2020 Groove Overall Studio Technique Award and both 2021 & 2019 Groove Overall Choreography Award, 2018 National Dance Showcase (NDS) Competition we received the Choreography and Backstage Bravo awards.  Generations of Dance continues to be acknowledged for its outstanding choreography for so many of their amazing dance routines and for demonstrating the best sportsmanship and most cooperation backstage and in the audience - something our studio director, Beth Johnson, is very proud of!

To see some of their amazing routines and to view some of our Championship Winning Dances through the years. - click "view more"

See our competition results..

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