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We offer competitive pricing for both Recreational and Competition tuition.  Prices vary, however, below are our typical recreational class tuition fees.  We also offer multiple class discounts, sibling discounts,  and full year payment discounts.  For competition team pricing, please contact the studio.


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Competition fees for dance competitions vary upon each dance competition all students must pay competition fees (by the due date) in advance there are absolutely no refunds for competition fees. Fundraising can be used for fees. A 10% late fee is applied, if fees are not paid by the due date specified.


Private lessons are also available in any genre for additional pricing....please see Miss Beth to discuss your goals and pricing

competition fees


Costume packages are put together for each dance.

Recital classes will be billed in the spring for costumes and usually handed out in April/May.  Combo classes are typically include two costumes and a pair of tights.   All recital dancers will be required to purchase as Recital T-shirt & Trophy package at $40 for the recital.

For Competition Team Costumes - we will ask for a down payment of $50 per dance to be paid earlier in the fall and you will receive a bill for the remainder as well as any solo, duet or trio costume bills later in the season.

All costumes are very high quality and are made to order.  We hand stud our costumes with high end crystals as appropriate for each dance.  Costumes will be handed out before the first competition.

(Tights and shoes are not included and need to be purchased separatly unless specified) 


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