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Competition Team fundraisers events and sales

**Contact 973-943-7212 t0 be a part of the fundraising planning

Please note that there are two types of fundraising

1 - Activities either to help support the studio, a specific studio family through tough times or towards a charity; and

2 - Fundraising to help offset your personal competition fees


Studio/Charity Fundraisers

Janie's Fund - see our Janie's Fund page

Personal/Team Fundraisers



Gertrude Hawk candy bar orders - whenever we have 20 boxes to purchase an order will be placed.    

Shoprite cards - every week - upon meeting minimum.

Scripts gift card sale

October ongoing   

Mums Sale - form attached

Other possible fundraising opportunities 


Cookie Dough - Order will go out in October (This will be done if there is enough interest).  Orders will be in before Thanksgiving

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Beef Steak and Tricky Tray 


Gertrude Hawk  Easter Candy


Plant Sale


**Miss Beth keeps records of personal fundraising balances - please reach out to her to use it.  All personal  fundraising must be used in the year that it is raised and by the family who raised it.  It should be used towards competition fees unless otherwise agree upon with Miss Beth.  You must be a currently enrolled student/family to use the fundraising balance.

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